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What makes HEINRICHS what it is, and how we work and spend time together, you can find out of course not just on our website. We are also on the move on our social networks from where we also report news and on the people who help make HEINRICHS what it is. Honest, authentic and spontaneous. It is certainly worth taking a look! 


Wir posten auch regelmäßig auf Instagram. Fotos und Stories rund um unser Unternehmen sollen dir dabei helfen, einen besseren Eindruck von uns zu bekommen! Abonniere uns und verfolge unseren Newsfeed und unsere Stories. 

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Meet our company and some of our employees on XING. Tip for the ""next generation"": You will not find any apprenticeships here. 

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Möchtest du dich per LinkedIn mit uns vernetzen? Kein Problem: Knüpfe neue Kontakte und nutze die Plattform, um Kontakt mit uns aufzunehmen.

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On this platform our apprentices talk directly and exclusively about their daily work. Here you can ask our #HEINRICHS staff uncomplicated questions, like our posts, so that you can always stay up to date.

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