Viflow in dialogue - regional meeting in the Sauerland

On June 28, 2018, the fourth regional meeting of viflow users took place this year in Lennestadt at the premises of the company HEINRICHS GmbH & Co. KG. On a lovely summer’s day we welcomed 17 participants to the Sauerland. 

After a company tour, the hosts impressively presented how 120 pages of paper can become a well presented, web-based management manual. Stephan Nawroth, Head of Quality Management at HEINRICHS GmbH & Co. KG, reported in his speech that the change of the quality management manual got the full support from management at all times, as did the provision of the necessary IT resources as well as the employee training in the fields of business process management and IATF requirements. This early involvement of the staff ensured that the company successfully underwent a cultural transformation. 

The participants learned that the process was analysed with the help of Turtle and that the interactions between the processes represented an important issue. Mr. Nawroth also stated that the newly created integrated management system, viflow, was accessible to all staff and was also easy to use. After the presentation a lively discussion followed in a relaxed atmosphere. 

We would like to thank Mr. Nawroth and Mrs. Rofeld for their impressive organisation, the insight gained into the QM world of HEINRICHS GmbH & Co. KG, and the participants at the event for their contributions to the discussion.

Source and pictures: ViCon  - viflow