Supplier Award from Daimler

HEINRICHS GmbH & Co. KG from Lennestadt was honoured as the "best logistics supplier" on February 28 at Daimler AG’s Supplier Day held at its Mannheim plant: Heinrichs delivered all its 2,166 deliveries in 2017 without any delays. 

With its Supplier Award, the automobile manufacturer Daimler annually honours suppliers who have rendered outstanding services in the areas of quality, partnership and innovation in the preceding financial year. 

Consistent customer focus and seamless process orientation characterise this year's prizewinning project, namely of HEINRICHS GmbH & Co. KG from Lennestadt. Instead of optimising only individual segments in the supply chain, logistics at HEINRICHS underwent a deep-set reorientation just two years ago. ""Our focus is the customer,"" as  Logistics Manager Andreas Friedrichs told the audience at his prizewinning presentation for the Supplier Award in Mannheim. The complete planning and control of the series production process is the responsibility of the logistics division.

Thanks to fully automated data processing, HEINRICHS is able to view ad-hoc requests just-in-time and process them immediately. A close integration of the processes and a smooth implementation compliant with strictly defined standards also ensure that optimal results are achieved.

 ""We are extremely proud,"" was what Friedrichs said as he accepted the award along with his colleague Patrick Lange. “But it was also hard work” was what Friedrichs added. All of those working in the team have access to procurement, production planning, external service providers, and the customers directly. Only in this way can the customer's wishes be dealt with the best way from a single source. 

Generally, a lot is happening at HEINRICHS right now. ""Everything is currently going at full swing to completely restructure the company,"" as Managing Director Karl Heinrichs junior enthusiastically explained. For example, our former technical director, Jens Göbel, was appointed as the third managing director on 01/02/2018. Given the realignment of the individual business areas that accompanied this, we can now streamline our internal processes and undergo a cross-divisional team orientation. ""We are investing heavily in the future! The first deals in the field of e-mobility have now been struck,” as commercial director Heinz-Josef Müller said. The prospects for new areas of business is promising for the company from Lennestadt which is heading in the direction of future and growth