HEINRICHS goes Social Media

Since the start of 2019, the HEINRICHS group has been actively present on all major social media platforms.

Social Media platforms have long since become an essential part of our daily lives. A  BITKOM  survey from 2018 has shown that 87% of all Internet users in Germany are members of social networks and that 67% actively use them.1 Social networks have firmly established themselves as channels for external corporate communications which has been dramatically changed by these new platforms.

With the introduction and regular maintenance of all social media platforms (so far these include Facebook, Instagram, Xing, LinkedIn, and hashtag-ausbildung.de),  HEINRICHS has given its external corporate communications a new direction and elevated it to a new level. At HEINRICHS, authenticity is our highest priority when communicating with future in-house talents and other candidates (m/w/d)!

Our subsidiary HISTEEL as well is present on LinkedIn and Facebook and can soon also be found on Instagram.

1Source: Handelsblatt, D. Neuerer, Stand 27.02.2018