Eight new apprentices

In September 2018, eight new apprentices started their vocational training at Heinrichs GmbH & Co. KG. With a total of 24 apprentices, the automotive supplier from Lennestadt - Meggen now has more employees in vocational training than ever before. 

The number of training occupations of offer has increased steadily over recent years. With successful training to become tool mechanics, cutting machine operators, industrial mechanics, mechatronics, punching and forming mechanics, machine and plant operators, warehouse logistics specialists, industrial clerks and IT specialists specialising in system integration, many young people at HEINRICHS have now been able to launch successful careers, while at the same time allowing us to secure the junior staff we need for our company.

External training courses, factory instruction, exam preparation courses, regular training trips and the possibility of participating in an internship abroad at our Hi-Steel subsidiary in Kaunas / Lithuania have also helped alongside the high-quality practical vocational training we offer.