Beaming faces at the full-day childcare centre of St. Agatha elementary school.

HEINRICHS sponsors metal boards for the Altenhundem elementary school.

The students of the integrated comprehensive (OGS) at the elementary school in Altenhundem could not be happier. 

Two large metal boards now adorn the OGS classrooms. The children in full-day care can use them as an info board, marble run or for various games.  

HEINRICHS had donated four metal sheets ( 2 x 1,25 meters) and cut them to size at their plant using lasers. A driver then transported the new magnetic boards to the school. 

The boards have multiple functionalities. The OGS team can not only post the latest info there, but the children can also use them as a marble run: for this purpose, multiple paper rolls are attached and connected to the board with magnets.  The boards are also good for playing memory and word games.

HEINRICHS wishes the kids in full-day care lots of fun playing and learning with the boards.