Values and goals

Reliability, consistency, innovative capability and customer proximity have always stood at the core of our corporate philosophy and are practised daily at HEINRICHS. 

In order to be an efficient partner for all our customers, and one who can also be relied upon in highly demanding complex situations, we are in a state of constant evolution. 

As such, the high level of qualification of our staff, the modern technical outfitting and a lean and advanced organisation stand at the core of our competitiveness. Even in the recent past, we have made enormous investments to keep our company future-oriented and competitive over the long term.

A milestone in our development was the completion of our new plant no. 2 in Lennestadt-Meggen. On more than 20,000 m² of industrial space we have created state-of-the-art tool manufacturing, a press shop built according to the latest standards and a new technical management area.

In addition to our two locations in Lennestadt, we also have another production site in the Baltic States as well as corporate interests in various areas, as well as an extensive international network which allows us to offer our customers a comprehensive range of products at low prices.

From development through design and prototype construction to toolmaking and series production, we can be your trusted partner. 

Corporate Philosophy

The HEINRICHS Group is one of the leading suppliers of stamped and formed parts, assemblies and innovative products for the automotive and many other industries.

The unique diversity of our products provides us with a key competitive advantage. It makes us the strategic partner of choice for our international customers - especially for those original equipment manufacturers committed to consolidating supplier numbers. 

  1. We are meeting this constant expansion of competitiveness through our continuous technical development and optimisation of the quality of all our products. 
  2. Forward-looking and focussed, we continue positioning ourselves as a reliable development partner for our customers. 
  3. We are guided by results orientation, economic efficiency and reliability towards our employees, customers and partners. 
  4. We always manage our staff appreciatively, in accordance with moral, ethical and social principles. 
  5. Sincerity and openness are absolute musts for us. 
  6. We support our employees, but we also challenge them too. 
  7. We create perspectives and we foster and desire responsible action while delegating tasks, responsibility and decision-making powers.  
  8. We exercise our responsibility to future generations through a sustainable handling of resources and the environment. 

Take us at our word. 

The management board of the HEINRICH'S group